Berries & Cocco-cream

berries and cream on a diet

When you get to day 4 of fat loss focus and the sugar cravings are hitting you in the hard spots or if you want a wellness treat, Berries and Cocco-cream is for you.  

I love this treat, it is smooth, creamy, sweet and decadent. Using a small spoon and slowly indulging is the only way to enjoy it. 


5/6 strawberries sliced

6-8 fresh raspberries halved. (Frozen is ok too) 

3 tablespoons of coccobello or Nakula Coconut yoghurt  


Put the berries into a small bowl you love. Top with the yoghurt and hold the bowl in one hand while you indulge with your small spoon.  

Tip: don’t over do the coconut yoghurt. It has a very more-ish effect. 

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