Why visit a Naturopath?

Naturopathy can assist with a range of ailments, both big and small, from the common colds to autoimmune conditions.

Naturopaths can help with:


What to expect?

The initial visit is usually about an hour. During this time a thorough case history is taken which includes details of current and past health conditions, and a review of diet, lifestyle and environmental factors which may influence health status.

You will also have extensive investigative testing to ensure the correct care plan can be constructed.

In-house blood screening, cellular health assessment, urinary indicants, blood pressure and

Zinc testing is standard.

Following your appointment I will collect the data and analyse your results to design an individualised care plan.

What to bring to a consultation?

Please bring details of any prescribed medication or supplements that you are currently taking and any recent medical tests results, e.g. blood tests, scans etc. Our team will give you specific detailed instructions on what to bring for your appointment.

Consultation Pricing

Fee Schedule 2018*


*Missed appointments and late reschedule fees apply

Pathology & Testing Pricing

This is a list of some of the common tests. These are requested on an individual basis.


*Prices subject to change depending on your individual requirement.  We have quoted here the most expensive level.

For refills of supplement email the Centre or call  (08) 9332 1119.


Corporate Events

I love to chat about all things health. I am available for corporate bookings, professional development and guest speaker presentations.

These presentations are interactive, interesting and a great way to educate and empower your staff, colleagues or the local community.

Past topics include:

Positive ageing

Ageing in the real world can be confusing. During this presentation Kacey debunks marketing myths in the complementary industry related to pain, cholesterol and cognitive decline. Tips, tools and the secrets to living a long health life over purely a long life will be the take home messages.

Stress and the real world

Work place and personal stress has a profound effect on the bodies ability to function optimally causing fatigue, foggy brain and poor tolerance. Learning the signs and tools to reduce stress.

Debunk the myths – Superfoods, Acai bowls, Raw food, Keto vs LCHF are terms thrown around about health that can confuse the best of us. We get to the nitty gritty and what’s really important.

Teachers and their immune system

Riding the semester rollercoaster is not only an energy zapper but stress train that depletes the immune function, before crashing into a heap for holidays. This pattern has been observed over and over by Kacey and with simple strategies and the correct plan you can ride a happier teacher

train and stay well.

Beer’s, bites and bodily function (Men’s event)

Men need mates, a beer and a place to discuss their health without a wife, girlfriend or Mum nagging in their ears. This seminar outlines the importance of Burping, farting and poo along with what should be happening and how to make that happen. Kacey works with several male presenters who co delivering the male brain and how it can be the evil in a man’s world driving stress, anxiety and agitation.

Menstrual Island

What is this about?? You know, like when your life turns into a living hell for 3 to 4 days, possibly more, possibly but highly unlikely less. That my friend is the menstrual island of hell. Not a place many people enjoy holidaying at. Breaking down the island into each hormones, how to balance them via food and lifestyle and utilising salivary hormone studies.

Presentations can be tailored upon request.

Get in touch to discuss ideas for your next event.