Brocco Eggs

Broccoli Eggs

Breakfast is the time of day most people complain about. It’s the one meal that vegetables can be missed and easily forgotten. Interestingly it’s actually the meal that can give you a chance at getting ahead on fibre, nutrient dense foods and set your metabolism up for the day ahead.  

One of the breakfast tips I give everyone is have leftover vegetables ready to go from the night before. You will always find steamed broccoli in our fridge.

Like most people I don’t have the time to whip up a 5 star breakfast before I have to leave the house. So here is my most common and favourite breakfast. 


1.5cups steamed broccoli florets (any left over greens) 

1 big cloves of garlic chopped

2 eggs whisked

1 teaspoon of Organics butter. 

1 T water, cream, sour cream or natural yoghurt, nut milks or whatever you have in the fridge. 


1. Crack and whisk two eggs with your choice of water or cream. 

2. Warm a small frying pan with your butter. Just before the butter is fully melted add the broccoli pieces.  

3. Once the broccoli is warmed add the egg and quickly stir it through until the egg looks cooked. Turn off the heat while stirring for a further 14-30sec. 

4. Tip your broccoli eggs into the bowl you whisked the eggs in and your done. Eat, enjoy and head off to work.  

I love this option as it only needs a small bowl, small frying pan, a butter knife, a fork and a spatula. 

..whoops I forgot to mention, a spoon to eat with. I love a long handled small teaspoon. Smaller amounts makes it seem like it lasts longer.