Pancake Friday

Pancake Friday Refined Sugar free

Pancake Friday Refined Sugar free

I remember as a child hanging over the kitchen bench waiting for more picklets to be ready. Mum would make cheese and corn or cheese and ham. In we would come from early morning swimming training to a table set with freshly cut oranges and well... the picklets never got there, we ate them straight from the kitchen bench. If we were super lucky she would make a sweet version with lemon and honey.  

Now as a Mother I get the simplicity, desire for variety in my own routines and  bit of fun in the kitchen. Friday’s have become pancake Friday and if Tilley could have it her way she would make almost everyday a Friday.  


1 large or 2 small lunchbox banana’s

2 medium eggs

1/4 tsp baking powder  

1 Tbs of natural organic peanut butter or nut butter  

3 Tbs flour of choice. Almond/SR/GF SR


  • Blitz all wet ingredients for a few seconds until the banana and eggs are well combined. 

  • Add dry ingredients and blitz until a smooth consistency. (5 seconds) 

  • Add mixture to a hot pan, wait for the pancake to start to nibble and then flip.  

  • Use a medium heat.  

Bonus: add chopped blueberries, banana slices or strawberries to the raw side in the pan before flipping.  

makes 6/serves 2