January Famine
Will power, diet, cake or the salad

Will power, diet, cake or the salad

It’s that time of year again. The one that throws my mind into orbit. One side of the brain says “be motivated and get on a diet” the other says “diets don’t work,” and then there must be another, secret side of the brain that has all the other thoughts like “why did I eat that at Xmas and why don’t I have control?” 

What I struggle with most is knowing that “dieting” never works because a diet is something that you begin and then later on finish. You go on and get off again at a later date, and it becomes this up-and-down roller coaster. Healthy eating should be a daily habit, not something we throw ourselves all into for a while. Over the last sixteen years of working as a naturopath, I have seen many people trying to lose weight (or as I say reduce fat) and one thing I know is that it ain’t an exercise game or a diet game or a mental game. It’s all of the above. 

Personally, I have tried it all. So much so that I have so many tactics and ideas to help you stay on track. In fact, I have presented these to over five thousand naturopaths, GP’s, chiropractors and the like over Australia and New Zealand.  

The number one point I want to make here is that fat reduction is complex. The mental element is the biggest. This actually doesn’t kick in until about the six week point. It’s not this month, the crazy January Famine or the  These first 6 weeks of accountability, will power and focus are hard, however, they are more physical and less mental. It’s all about the preparation and self encouragement.  

So whilst I have diets to suit all different problems and people, it is imperative you also engage a life coach to work on the mindset, underlying belief systems, patterns and behaviours that create your relationship with food. Because it’s never just about the food.

As a personal example, I have a great relationship with healthy food, but a terrible relationship with chocolate. It’s pressed every will power, anxiety, reward and stress point I have. Gives me a kick of dopamine and serotonin making me feel good. Knowing this about my relationship with chocolate means that I can make conscious food choices and set myself up to succeed.

So, will I be entertaining the January Famine? Yes yes yes! Because no matter where I turn the motivating signs, posts, friends, and natural desire to make a New Year shine is ripe. However, I have 3 mental demons to focus on this year. They have been in hiding for a few years for various reasons and now it’s time they are released, thanked and converted to a beneficial resource.  

With the help from one of the life coaches I know, you can exponentially increase the speed in which your reach your goal and implement a personalised plan that’ll give you motivating and measurable goals to tick off along the way. Because nothing builds success like success!

A lofty goal, like a physically “new you,” is absolutely possible with the right mindset. One that empowers you to stay away from the demons that drop your wall to whatever your vice is.  

Here are five questions to know if it’s more than just food and exercise for you: 

1. Have you felt the need for a January Famine yearly for more than two years? 

2. Do you emotionally eat? When stressed or worried, sad or agitated?

3. Do you get bloated from foods and feel uncomfortable in the gut?

4. Are you a premenstrual mega bitch? 

5. Have you struggled to regulate your weight for more than ten years? 

So I guess in summary, I have answered my ticking brain of the last few days. YES do jump on this time, just wisely acknowledge that this is a lifestyle and not a diet. Restriction is OK for a purpose and when monitored and expectations set.  

Weight loss programs designed for you as individuals

Lastly, it’s important to remind ourselves that gut health, hormones, and mental and physical health all play a contributing role. It’s just a matter of working on them all in the correct order, guided by a professional who knows fat loss and health is never about just one thing. Rather, it needs to all work together like a well oiled machine, and how you feel on the inside will be reflected on the outside.  

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I’d love to hear about your past experiences with the January Famine! Comment below about what has and hasn’t worked for you in the past.

Kacey Grieves