Fast food can be healthy

Fast food can be healthy

Let’s be honest; fast food is quick, easy, cheaper, yummier and you don’t have to get out of your car..... can you tell I was good at debating in school?? 

Now let’s be honest, we also know that takeaway foods are not going to benefit your health in anyway.

If you are anything like me; you’re dreaming of having a Personal Chef, Cleaner and Butler in 1, that knows how you think, feel and sorts your ironing when you’re not looking. This is all because you’re caught up in the demands of fast-paced modern living.

Between juggling family, work, home life and some form of social life, cooking fancy and nutritious meals is not alway on everyone’s agenda, nor of top priority.  

For me, a healthy nutritious meal is a definitely a priority, however getting it to be fancy and different for every meal is not always possible.  

Setting up a basic plan for the week, having enough fruit and veg to cover snacks and spare eggs are my must haves. Keeping it easy and fast is exactly what I mean when I refer to “fast food being healthy”

Below are a few fast foods I use as go to’s for when I haven’t shopped, don’t feel like cooking or in a mad rush:

  1. Eggs over a salad of leftover veg (or tomato, cucumber and avo) 

  2. Patties and salad. We always have raw patties that I’ve made then frozen.  I make a batch with 1kg of mince with herbs, egg, onion and grated zucchini and carrot. I reserve half the mixture and freeze for emergencies.

  3. Canned fish on a mix of salad ingredients and a sprinkle of whatever nuts I have in the freezer.  

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