Date Night - pure bliss & a dart board
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Date night is a rarity in our house, for a few reasons I know many others share the juggle of; extra babysitting, work, sporting commitments, house work and needing down time at home just to name a few. So we were desperately in need of some connection and relaxation.. and that’s how going for a float was the Date night destination.

Whoever would have thought we would have managed to get relaxation, connection, personal space and a Dart game all in the same place.. yes you read that correct.. a dart game.

Altered States Float studio in Willetton not only is the best float place I have experienced, it also has a secret chill out cave that I never knew I needed. Now I just want to escape there daily.

 Floating is essentially allowing a state of deep mental and physical relaxation by spending an hour or more suspended quietly in warmth and darkness. Floatation therapy is the result of decades of mainstream scientific research in human performance and wellness. It involves being in an environment that is specifically designed for our bodies to experience freedom from gravity and all stimulation of the outside world. This is done by laying in a pod of super-saturated magnesium sulfate water that allows us to be completely buoyant. The water is regulated at body temperature and the floating space is virtually sound and lightproof. In this environment the mind starts to revive, the body releases its tensions and magnesium sulfate absorbs through the skin.

The facilities at Altered States in Willetton is set to impress, with every minor detail thought of. Not once did the Virgo in me want to jump out. All 3 float rooms were crystal clean and Daniel went out of his way to explain all the steps and processes to get the best out of our visit.

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All natural, paraben and phalate free body wash, shampoo and conditioner for before and after floating were available in the luxurious showers, moisturizers near where you get dressed and even a hairdryer if you wanted one. It felt like home.

The modern and sophisticated entry is where my relaxation began. Little did I know once I left the warmth of my personal pod room I would have time to enhance the new chilled state by enjoying the “secret space”. As I stepped into the relaxation zone out the back of the property, I was blown away. The options of swinging in a hammock, hanging chairs, sitting near the wood fire or on the couch near the large tropical fish tank, were so welcoming.

My husband and I decided a game of Darts took our fancy. Who would have imagined going on a float tank date and playing darts? The quiet game and enjoying each other’s presence was just bliss. It was calm and relaxing but also gave us a bit of fun time together. This was quality time like no other date night.

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I’ll be going back to Altered States. In fact I have purchased a few floats in advance to commit to switching off. I look forward the the muscle relaxation after being immersed in the magnesium and a few yoga pose’s in the warm water.

Whether it be a date night with your husband or going out with a friend or just simply pop in to sit quietly and have a tea from the tea bar. Altered states you definitely altered my frenetic hump day state to relaxation. I’ll definitely be back!

P.S in case anyone asks…I won darts :)



Kacey Grieves