Size does matter

Size does matter

The age-old question of size … the answer is always what you do with it hey??

No matter how big or small your dream is there is a way to achieve it. Day to day life often takes over and the commitments of work, family and life are an easy distraction from deep burning dreams.  The trouble is, doing the same thing day in day out or wrestling the same problem is a groundhog day that can turn into a health disaster.

Whilst going to work or cooking dinner every night, doing your housework what ever it might be might be an essential part of life, if it’s not enjoyable to you and a place where stress or anxiety is triggered then doing it daily is a nightmare. This is where the big and small dreams become lost, forgotten or even passed as not possible. 

The hardest part of losing a dream to daily grind is the effect it has on your health. Even the slightest miss-alignment of living your ideal life or working towards it can cause low grade dissatisfaction. This becomes a dis-eases state, no matter how big or small.

Size does matter

The busy flat dissatisfaction needs to be counteracted with cortisol, our stress controlling hormone. To produce an extra amount of this daily, the adrenals ability to gage when cortisol is needed or not weighs on our bodies. Plus there are nutritional requirements which are needed to make cortisol. 

So, even if you don’t have your dream at your fingertips or can’t foresee it for 10-20 years; knowing you’re working towards it rather than forgetting about it alone reduces the dissatisfaction.  

How to make the dream happen: 

1. Create your vision, bring your dream to life. Using a large piece of paper create a collage of all aspects of your dream. Put this collage where you can see it every single day. 

2.  Work out 3 ways you can achieve your goal and set a plan to work on one of the strategies

3. Put a reminder of your steps and strategies in obvious places that trigger you to focus daily. Your phone, computer, bathroom mirror.

Keep the dream alive, don’t give up, it might take years however it’s better to be working on it then being disheartened.  Create the ideal life you deserve and desire, release the physical burden on your health by living an aligned life.

Kacey Grieves Is A Perth Naturopath Who Can assist you with Your overall Health And Wellbeing

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