What you wear on your skin

non toxic chemicals

Toxic chemicals – are they an unavoidable by-product of modern life? Well, yes and no.

The average person is exposed to literally thousands of chemicals each day, some of them known carcinogens. But did you know that by making small changes you can significantly decrease your exposure?

Besides choosing organic food, staying hydrated, exercising (sweating) and embracing an overall healthy lifestyle, you can decrease your toxic load by focusing on areas within your home, for example, your bathroom.

Personal-care products (soaps, shampoos, moisturisers, make-up, deodorant, beauty products) are some of the biggest offenders. In fact, one of the most harmful sources of daily chemical exposure for both men and women is… deodorant!

How often do you wear deodorant? Like most people, probably every single day. And where do you apply it? Directly to your skin, where it stays all day long.

Well, what’s so bad about that?

Your skin is your largest organ and acts like a large sponge with a direct route to the liver via the bloodstream. In addition, deodorants have an antiperspirant action that block your natural sweating ability and thereby compromise one of your body’s basic strategies for toxin elimination. So I guess you could say that daily deodorant usage is a double whammy against your health.

Come and talk to us about some alternatives – because, despite what you may be thinking, the natural stuff does work! Here at Natural Health Centre we can offer you simple, natural solutions to keeping you smelling fresh throughout the day.

Kacey Grieves Is A Perth Naturopath Who Can assist you with Your overall Health And Wellbeing

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